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After years of doing ultra distance sports my guts had been destroyed by constant consumption of corn syrup based energy bars and shots. Now I use Temple Nutrition solely and have not looked back. These products provide you with the same energy supplies but they are soft on your insides.


These are the products I have been looking for. Great taste and fantastic to know all the products used are natural and that you are a local company. I found your products so much better than all the sugary alternatives out there. I have been half marathon training and the Naturalyte was fantastic, I felt well hydrated. I will definitely be ordering some more of everything..


Best of the best!

I've tried the naturalyte, naturafuel, moringa and purple kale. All of the products have surpassed my expectations. My partner and I use the naturalyte almost every day to assist exercise recovery and energy. For our longer bouts we've been loving the naturafuel. Neither of us have had any stomach issues as we often would with our "usual" gels and electrolytes. We are also using the moringa and purple kale most days in our smoothies and absolutely love the flavours and textures. Temple Nutrition also gave us trial packs of three protein powders which were all smooth and delicious (choc, choc orange ans banana), as well as energy bar samples. I inhaled those - so delicious!! Thanks guys, can't wait for my next order!

Kimberly R. - QLD

First sports product that I don't get any gut issues from. Its nice to see that the ingredients list is small and i'm able to recognise every ingredient. Top Stuff!!

George R. - NSW

After many years of running and buying electrolytes from the supermarket I was more and more concerned of the added sugars and preservatives these products abundantly contained. What was the point of running 50 km a week and then gulping down this stuff? I have almost eliminated sugar from my day to day diet why should I put up with these products?
I finally found Naturalyte from Temple Nutrition. No added sugars, no preservatives! These are the electrolytes I have been looking for ages. Thanks

Marco S. - NSW


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