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Types of Swimming Styles

If you are a swimmer, you should pick up the various swimming techniques as much as possible. The reason is each of the styles uses different types of your body muscles and puts the body in varying positions. Plus, they are of paramount importance when you have to swim for a long distance that is because learning different swimming styles can prevent exhaustion by enabling your body to rest in specific positions. If you are into competitive swimming, it makes, even more, sense to pick up the different swimming techniques as it provides you with an opportunity to optimise your performance in various events.

Check out some of the important swimming styles here:


It is a swimming technique, where a frog-style kick is used. You have to first bend the knees and then your legs should kick beneath the water.


A stroke that involves brings both your arms right over the head simultaneously. You need to get them pushed into the water for propelling yourself.

Front Crawl

It is a swimming style, which is popularly known as a freestyle stroke. That is because most of the swimmers use it in a freestyle swimming event as it offers the maximum speed.


The front crawl and the backstroke styles have several similarities except that a swimmer needs to float on his or her back. While swimmer's lungs float on the water surface, the rest of their bodies are beneath the water.

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