Athletic Optimisation with Carbohydrates

Athletic Optimisation with Carbohydrates

If you are an athlete, carbohydrate intake can be essential to optimise your performance. Check out some interesting facts about the importance of carbohydrates and why it is beneficial for optimising performance.

Today, athletes can optimise their performance on the track and become more successful by consuming the right amount of carbohydrates along with proteins and fats all through the day. The nutrient has a big impact on the performance, speed, and strength of the athletes. The big question here is, how nutrition is capable of enhancing the performance while consumed before, during and after an intense training or exercise?

Impact of nutrition on performance

A majority of you will be aware that carbohydrates are a readily available form of nutrient to produce energy in the body, particularly when a person is undergoing intense exercise. Though proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are used by the human body as the most important fuels to offer energy, carbohydrates are most preferred to support strenuous or intense activity and to maintain the optimum level of blood glucose in the body. The key cause for this is the greater oxygen efficiency of carbohydrates while compared to protein or fat.

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