B Vitamins and their role in your health

B Vitamins and their role in your health

If you are an active person and into athletics but lack adequate vitamin B in your body, it may not be possible to optimise your performance.

The same is applicable for elite competitors and all college athletes who may show poor performance while they are into high-intensity physical activities and do not have sufficient ability to build and repair muscle as compared to diets rich in nutrients.

Constituents of vitamin B are B-12, B-6, folate, riboflavin and thiamin. Such micronutrients are absolutely essential when the body performs the process of converting sugars and proteins into energy. They are then used to repair and produce cells like red blood corpuscles. When you are an active person, even when your body has a marginal deficiency of the required nutrients. the ability of the body to fight disease, function efficiently and repair itself can be severely affected.

Vitamin B can be found in enriched and whole grains, nuts, various dairy and animal products and dark green vegetables. Many nutrition experts recommend that individuals in general and athletes in particular with restricted or poor diet should contemplate intake of a mineral or multivitamin supplement. After all, as an athlete, you are always expected to be fit and at your healthiest best.

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