This one is especially important, as our bodies rely on it to complete its sophisticated buffering system that maintains a proper pH levels. This lungs regulate carbon dioxide in the body, most of it is combined with water and then converted to carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is then converted to bicarbonate and this is the key component in the pH buffer.

When acids build up in the body through either metabolic processes or the production of lactic acid in your muscles, the kidneys are made to release bicarbonate into your system (which is an alkaline solution) to counteract the increased acidity. When your body becomes more balanced, the kidneys will then decrease the amount of bicarbonate to increase acidity. Without this system, the erratic changes in in the bodies pH balance can cause severe problems. These include damage of sensitive tissue around the central nervous system.

The bicarbonate buffer is one of the biggest reason our bodies are able to maintain proper homeostasis (balance) and function efficiently on a day to day basis.

Thats a wrap .....

Now we can see that each electrolyte plays a critical role in keeping your body running efficiently. The main thing to note is that the homoeostasis of our bodies really comes down to a very specific combination of these essential minerals. Disrupting this equilibrium can have disastrous effects.

Fortunately, now that you know exactly what electrolytes are for and how they should be balanced, the solution is simple – eat a healthy, eat the right amount and supplement when needed.

It really is that simple; Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

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