Magnesium is one of the most important mineral to life on this planet! It plays a hugely important role in both the synthesis of RNA and DNA, it is necessary for 300+ biochemical reactions in your body and is essential to every single cell in every single living creature on this planet.

Magnesium helps to regulate and maintain healthy nerves and muscle function, it stabilises blood sugar levels, boosts your immune system, helps in the formation of bones and teeth and maintains your bodies ability in maintaining a stable health rate. Magnesium is found in a number of foods, including spices, leafy greens, coffee, tea and nuts.

Your body is extremely efficient at keep your magnesium levels from getting too high, this makes it difficult to consume too much through your everyday diet.  Magnesium deficiency is more of a problem and is most commonly found in alcoholics. This is because the kidneys have been known to excrete up to 260 percent more of this mineral that normal after consuming alcohol.

To keep a normal magnesium level; a balanced, nutritious diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is a must. For previous electrolytes or to read further about hydration, look for previous blog posts. Find all your real food hydration and sports supplement needs online at www.templenutrition.com.au

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