After Calcium, Phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in your body, 85% is actually located in your bones as the mineral Phosphate. This mineral works with Calcium to help strengthen your bones and teeth. It is essential to tissue growth and energy production within cells, it is also a major building block for your DNA and cell membranes.

A lot of people absorb the correct amount of phosphorus through their own balanced diets, although high levels of phosphate (or hyperphosphatemia) aren't uncommon. Hyperphosphatemia generally indicates kidney disease or calcium deficiency. Increased phosphate in the body has also been associated to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Phosphate deficiency (or Hypophosphatemia) is actually a lot less common in our society. It is most commonly found in alcoholics, Crohns disease sufferers and people who live with Celiacs disease. Symptoms of hypophosphatemia include joint pain, weakened bones, fatigue and irregular breathing.

Some great food sources of Phosphorus include dried beans, nuts, seeds and chocolate. Raw Cacao Powder is the active ingredient in the best quality chocolates.

To keep a normal Phosphate level; a balanced, nutritious diet with lots of nuts, seeds and beans is a must. For previous electrolytes or to read further about hydration, look for previous blog posts. Find all your real food hydration and sports supplement needs online at www.templenutrition.com.au

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