The Relationship between Protein and Muscle Tone Development

The Relationship between Protein and Muscle Tone Development

There are various diet regimens that offer advice on how to best optimise your performance. Real food sports nutrition requires the regular intake of a good bio available protein if you want to build muscle tone.

Present in skin, bone, tissues, protein is built up of amino acids that the body breaks down and restructures into muscle fibres. When training and performing rigorous exercises, your body requires a good source of protein to increase recovery. Protein sourced from your normal diet is obviously ideal but not always convenient:

  • Depending on the workout and person hypoallergenic protein shake after exercising will provide the body with a good source of muscle repairing amino acids
  • Different individuals require different levels of protein in their body. An individual who is very active and engages in rigorous physical activity will require more protein than someone who is not very active. Typically, an inactive individual requires 0.36g of protein per kg of body weight.
  • Without protein, your body will miss out on essential nutrients and building muscle tone can be an impossible feat to achieve.

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