A few point that can optimise your life!

No matter whether you are an established athlete or a beginner, here are some of the things that you should know to optimise your performance.

Rid your life of toxic items ...

From heavy metals to house hold mould, it has become quite apparent that we need eyes in the back of our heads when it comes to the toxicity of our environment. Metals that are heavy are typically ingested without you even knowing about it. They then accumulate in your bodies, especially in the fatty tissues and lead to various health-related problems like foggy thinking, fatigue, memory problems, cognitive decline, frequent changes in mood, drop in physical performance and cognitive decline. These symptoms can also be seen for mould toxicity. 


These are specific signal proteins, which are used by the human body and brain for regulating activities such as appetite, motivation, memory, sleep and temperament.  Until recently, we haven't fully understood the importance of these proteins and how the body uses them. It is vital to understand how your lifestyle and diet effects the optimisation of these neurotransmitters.

Food Intolerance 

Many of us will note feeling bloated or lethargic after certain foods. Gluten and Dairy seem to be the biggest ones when it comes to our diets. With so many alternatives out there now it is really easy to avoid the products that make you feel ill. 

Blue Light

It may sound silly but blue light is one of the biggest reasons for poor sleep cycles. As we all know, there are different colours on the light spectrum. Red and Blue are the most well known and they most beneficial at certain times of the day. Blue light is emitted during the day, which releases certain chemical signals in your brain to keep you going. Phones, screens and even the standby light emits the same light. Using your phone in or before bed will have a major impact on you normal sleep cycles.


So simple but its always the first one to go when life gets you down. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of exercise per day greatly increases all the good stuff! Hormones, neurotransmitters; you name it, exercise gives it!



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