Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat

Practice these Mantras To Optimise Your Performance

It is now a novel saying but the truth is Eat, sleep, train well and repeat the cycle is really the best way to plan your life. If you sincerely follow this regime in your daily schedule, you are definitely on your way to sporting astronomical growth of body muscles, brain power and overall wellness. Here are a few mantras to optimise your performance if you want to perform at your best.

Make Sure That You Have A Balanced Nutrition

Many health specialists believe that muscles aren't made in the gym, they are defined but built in the kitchens. Hence you should keep a close tab on whether you are having a balanced diet or not. The theory that it is only protein that is crucial for the buildup and growth of strength and muscle is now outdated. This myth has come to a detriment of many athletes. Your body runs off many different types of macro and micro nutrients; fats, carbohydrates, proteins and everything in between are need for a balanced diet. These ratios will vary greatly per person but the fact remains that they are all needed for the complete optimisation if the human body.

Are you sleeping?

If muscles are defined in the gym and fed in the kitchen then they are built in the bedroom! Sleep is the single most important part of recovery. The old wives tale of 8 hours sleep still holds up today. An adult sleep cycle is roughly 90 minutes and the body roughly requires a certain amount of them per day to run and recover efficiently. 

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