As is common knowledge, Calcium is vital to healthy bone and teeth formation. What most people don't realise is that it is also important for transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and proper blood clotting. 99% of all Calcium in your body is found in the skeleton but your body also needs a balance in the blood stream and other cells. A lack of Calcium in your blood results in it being taken from your bones to supplement the deficiency, if this is not picked up quickly it can lead to Osteoporosis.

1000 to 1500mg of Calcium is recommended daily, this will maintain proper levels in your bloodstream and will help to avoid bone deterioration. Hypercalcemia is the term used for an increased amount of Calcium in the body, although it is fairly uncommon, it can come from excessive consumption of calcium-rich foods, certain bone diseases or extreme inactivity. The opposite of this is Hypocalcemia and this may lead to memory loss, muscle spasms and brittle bones.

Food obviously plays in integral part of Calcium absorption. Good sources include leafy green vegetables, broccoli, collards, bok choy, spinach, figs, beans and almonds. Superfoods include Baobab and Chia Seeds which both contain more Calcium than any dairy product.

To keep a normal Calcium level; a balanced, nutritious diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is a must. For previous electrolytes or to read further about hydration, look for previous blog posts. Find all your real food hydration and sports supplement needs online at www.templenutrition.com.au

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