Sodium is responsible for controlling the total amount of water in your body. It is important for regulating blood volume, maintaining muscle function and proper nerve function. Sodium is the positively-charged ion outside your bodies cells, it is mostly found in blood, lymph fluid and plasma. It makes up one half of the electrical pump that keeps your body in its natural state of equilibrium and maintains the balance between intracellular and extracellular environments. The other half of this pump is Potassium, which is found inside the cell walls.

Most sodium comes from consumption of sodium chloride, which is found basically the salt we add in our diet. The minimum requirement for the body to function properly is 500mg per day with a recommended intake of 2.3g, our society tends to consume more than this which then can lead to hypertension and increased risk of heart disease.

An excess of sodium in bodily fluids is called hypernatremia (dehydration), this usually comes from having too little water in your body and can lead to weakness, lethargy, and in severe cases seizures or coma.

Not all salts are created equally; normal table salts have been found to be pre bleached which strips it of vital trace elements. We recommend three fantastic salts; Celtic Salt, Sea Salt or our choice: Himalayan Pink Rock Salt which contains many trace elements only found at the base of the Himalayan Mountains.

Check in next week to read more about Electrolytes and how they help your body stay balanced. For all your whole food and sports nutrition needs, jump online at www.templenutrition.com.au and find the best nutritional products on EARTH.


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