Every product you see on the supermarket shelf seems to be telling you it doesn’t have instead of highlighting the benefits of what it contains. We have had “FAT FREE”, “LOW FAT” & “REDUCED FAT” belting into us for years, however, the truth is that not all fat is created equally and if you want to optimise your performance, then you should probably rethink how you look at certain fats.

In addition to Real Food Sports Nutrition, here is a list of four fat sources that are good for your body:

  1. Avocados: An excellent choice to add to your diet, these are full of monounsaturated fats. This works to raise the level of good cholesterol and reduce bad ones. Also, full of Vitamin E, Avocados are a great way to optimise your performance without letting good food out of your life.
  2. Flaxseed Oil: Flaxseed oil contains 50 percent to 60 percent omega-3 fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). With even more anti-inflammatory and disease-preventing ALA than fish oil, many people opt for flaxseed oil benefits over fish oil benefits, especially people who don’t eat meat and people concerned about the possible mercury lurking in some fish oils. ALA s easily converted to EPA & DHA by the body so is also great for a healthy brain.
  3. Coconut Oil: Both good to smell and a healthy addition to foodstuffs, you can really optimise your performance with this. It has medium chain body fats which are quickly assimilated by the body since it is an easily digestible substance. It is easier to digest, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, smaller in size, allowing easier cell permeability for immediate energy and is processed by the liver, which means that they are immediately converted to energy instead of being stored as fat
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The elevated levels of monounsaturated fats in this oil helps the heart as well. In addition to dealing with heart problems and preventing heart attacks, it has high levels of antioxidants which work with the cells to prevent damage.

In addition to Real Food Sports Nutrition, you can really depend on Omega 3’s to add a healthy kick to your life. The body is not capable of producing this on its own, so you need to supplement your diet with it. Now that you know that being healthy does not come at the risk of missing out on your favourite fatty foods, you can optimise your performance while eating delicious fats at the same time.

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