Natural Fuel and how to use it

Healthy bars and dietary supplements are the easiest and most convenient to carry along during outdoor activities like hikes, long runs and bike rides. However, this article discusses how to fuel your body with some of the most popular natural foods that are also easy to carry along.

1. Seeds and nuts

Both of them are an excellent source of energy when you are going out on excursions or long outdoor training sessions. Plus, you can easily put seeds and whole nuts in your bag as you get ready for your outdoor activities.

2. Dried fruits

While dried bananas are an excellent snack, you may also purchase or make dried pears, kiwis, apples and other dried fruits. In case, you are planning to purchase dried fruits, ensure that the item is not a fried one. You should also make sure that the product does not have added sugar or preservatives.

3. Baked Sweet Potato

Have you been eating fruits, bars and gels for several hours now? Then, it is time for you to enjoy a tasty snack like a baked sweet potato. You just have to cook it in the oven, add salt and then use a foil to wrap it. They not only a good source of slow released energy but also potassium and vitamin A.

4. Bananas

You can easily carry bananas in your cycling jersey or even in a bag. Many of the cyclists are known to eat bananas while they are racing since they have to race for 6 to 7 hours at a stretch on several consecutive days. Plus, they get bored of eating only gels and bars.

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