Importance of rest days in Triathlon

Importance of rest days in Triathlon

Working to get your body ready to compete in at least three athletic events is not an easy task. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed, as if you need to work hard every day to achieve your goals. While there is nothing wrong with working hard, working too hard can be detrimental to your endeavour. You need to understand how much your body can take and work in tandem with that to establish a routine that will let you achieve your maximum potential. And in order to do that, rest days are integral.

A rest day typically signifies taking a break from working out at least once or twice a week in order to give your body room to recuperate. While this may sound counter-intuitive it can actually work towards giving your body time to heal, and thereby giving you a better chance at performing at your best. If you let yourself indulge with rest days, you will find that your performance is improving and that your body is better capable of achieving the results you desire. A rest day not only gives your body a break from a strenuous routine, but it gives your muscles a chance to adjust to the changes that you are making upon it.

Fatigue is usually perceived as any reduction in physical or mental performance. However, when discussing various aspects of training, fatigue can be described as failure to maintain the expected force, or the inability to maintain a given exercise intensity or power output level (Meeesen 2006)

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