Love temple nutrition products - quality products, well priced, great taste and good for my sensitive belly ! 

— Julie

Customer Testimonials

Loved Revive! Actually was delicious!

by Erin

I have been so impressed with Temple Nutrition, their products are exactly what I needed to add to my healthy lifestyle and their customer service is outstanding.

by Anna

Excellent service and quality products. Highly recommended!

by Sarah

After so many failures with store bought protein powders, I thought I would try my luck with Temple Nutrition. Well did I hit gold, the hemp protein is by far the best I have tasted. Thanx guys I have tried many of your products and I have not been left disappointed...

by Justine

Received product next day, easy to order. Fantastic

by Linda

Great company that actually care what you ingest with truly natural products containing ingredients that you actually know and can pronounce! I love the naturalyte for long runs and recovery for a delicious post workout smoothie. Looking forward to trying more stuff soon!

by Verena

I love the rebuild recovery protein mixed with coconut water post sessions...it has a delicious flavour, is easy to stomach and aides in recovery.

by Gemma

Temple Nutrition provides excellent customer service and high quality products.

by Sarah

Quality Product from a business that cares about your health. Very happy swapping from regular retail products to these guys.

by Sam

Such a nice blend of plant protein! It’s so tasteful, i honestly crave it everyday :)

by Luke

Can’t rate this brand and products they supply high enough, have all my athletes using it as well as clients that use there other supplements, super foods, proteins and recovery products. The ultra endurance clubs I am involved with use the products also, love the philosophy and the companies values in how and what they use to develop their products... never had any issues and always feel great during Lo g events and recovery well after and during training also... get into Temple Nutrition if you haven’t already !!!

by Benn

Love temple nutrition products - quality products, well priced, great taste and good for my sensitive belly !

by Julie