Keto Elixir - Powerfood MCT - Keto Elixir
Keto Elixir - Powerfood MCT - Keto Elixir
Keto Elixir - Powerfood MCT - Keto Elixir
Keto Elixir - Powerfood MCT - Keto Elixir
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Powerfood MCT - Keto Elixir

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Designed to optimise your day in the most delicious way possible. Organic active ingredients bound with prebiotic coconut MCT Oil Powder deliver a low carb and ketogenic elixir.

Turmeric and Black Pepper are have been renown for 1000's of years as the perfect warming Golden Milk. This blend of roots and spices offer your body bio available curcumin and piperine.

Matcha blended with Yerba Mate gives you the greatness of caffeine with the added benefit of L-Theanine. L-Theanine slows the effect of caffeine on the body and allows for a longer slow drip of energy throughout the day.


GOLD: Coconut (C8:C10) MCT Oil Powder (Acacia Fibre), Organic Turmeric, Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Black Pepper, Monk Fruit Extract

GREEN: Coconut (C8:C10) MCT Oil Powder (Acacia Fibre), Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Matcha, Sunflower Lecithin, Guar Gum, Stevia Extract (REBA99%)





It is super super simple to create one of our delicious Powerfood Pro - Keto Elixir's: just mix 1 scoop (15-16g) with 200-300 mls of water, your smoothie or in your morning coffee. It’s amazing with coconut milk and even better when added to black coffee.

Powerfood Pro - Keto Elxir is great as a stand alone coffee creamer. Add 1 serving to your morning coffee or tea for a perfect frothing keto ready drink.


  • High Quality Ingredients
  • 10g MCT Oil Powder per Serve
  • Good Quality Fats
  • Bio-Available Micro Nutrients
  • Perfect Addition to Any Drink


  • Organic Active Ingredients
  • Turmeric (Curcumin) & Black Pepper (Piperine)
  • Matcha (L-Theanine) & Yerba Mate (Caffeine)
  • Traditional Elixirs
  • Prebiotic


Powerfood MCT - Keto Elixir is a powerful range of unique ketogenic drinks. Each "flavour" is designed to not only be low carb, but also help deliver vital nutrients for different parts of your day. Keto Elixir delivers 10g of Pure MCT Oil Powder per serving.


MCT Oil Powder

Our MCT Oil Powder is manufactured right in Australia from our famous distillation extracted MCT Oil bound with prebiotic Acacia Fibre. Designed in-house to a ratio of 70:30 Caprylic & Capric MCT to Acacia Fibre. This delivers the most ketone ready MCT's whilst also offering gut feeding prebiotic fibre.

Sunflower Lecithin

Lecithin is found mainly in egg yolks but is also found in Soy and Sunflower. Given the fact that many soy products are tainted with the GMO mark, we have chosen to go with the purest form there is. Lecithin is packed full of Phosphatidylcholine, which is one of the primary forms of choline and acts as an essential component in cell membrane signalling. Phosphatidylcholine is produced in the liver and converted into choline, which plays several important processes within the body.

Guar Gum

A fantastic soluble fibre source that gives liquid a unique consistency. Guar Gum is great for the gut and blood sugar. It's a fantastic addition to any ketogenic blend.

Natural Sweeteners

Stevia Extract - The body does not metabolise the glycosides in stevia and therefore it contains 0 calories. We use the Rebaudioside A (REBA) component of the plant. Our extract is 99.95% pure so very little is needed.

Monk Fruit Extract - Grown in China & South East Asia our source is a 10:1 pure wild harvested extract. Monk Fruit is known for its malty taste and unique zero calorie benefits.



Perfectly soluble in hot or cold drinks. Amazing addition to coffee, tea or even or even your favourite milk.


Designed to fit perfectly into your day. Easily added to smoothies, coffees, tea or water.

Stand Alone Product

Powerful ingredients allow for a product that doesn't need to be added to anything but water. Enjoy as is or optimise with your favourite addition.


How often should I use this product?

Turmeric and Pepper are renowned for their synergistic benefits. Use this product whenever you are feeling you need some digestive health, muscle aid or some help relaxing.

Yerba Mate & Matcha are great with or without coffee. Use this before a workout or as your morning pick me up. Its sure to kick start your day like nothing else.

How much should I take?

We recommend 1 scoop when ever needed.

Is this product Vegan/Vegetarian?

100% Vegan & Vegetarian.

Who should be taking this product?

Anyone that wants a coffee/tea keto alternative. Also great an addition to coffee.

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