Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds

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Toasted hemp seeds are exactly as described; whole hemp seeds, lightly toasted to create a crunchy, nutrient packed snack. Temple Nutrition Toasted Hemp Seeds are ideal for adding texture to snack foods, smoothie bowls, shakes or topping salads.

Sourced from Organic Canadian Farms and lightly toasted in a custom built Hemp Seed Roaster to retain nutrients and add crunch.

50g of Temple Nutrition Toasted Hemp Seeds gives you:

Omega 6 - 10g

Omega 3 - 3.5g

Dietary Fibre - 15%

45% Daily Intake of Phosphorous

45% Daily Intake of Iron

35% Daily Intake of Folate

6% Daily Intake of Calcium

10% Daily Intake of Vitamin E

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